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SMILES were on the menu, along with coffee, food and drinks as AAFCANS lived up to its strategy of ‘where you go, we go’ across Shoalwater Bay during Exercise Talisman Sabre. Along with well-stocked main kiosks at Theatre Gateway in Rockhampton and Camp Growl, airmen and airwomen welcomed the addition of forward amenities facilities at Williamson Airfield, supporting the Williamson Air Bridge and RAAF operations in the field.

To further their support, AAFCANS deployed mobile facilities and container amenities into forward positions including Sam Hill, the Field of Dreams FSG, central range and more. In line with AAFCANS strategy, its services moved, deployed and flexed in size and in unison with the needs of Air Force and Army. “Both Air Force and Army personnel greatly appreciated access to hot coffee, cold drinks, the increased range of warm and welcoming food, personal hygiene and grocery products,”

AAFCANS Managing Director Stewart McGrow said. “Air Force and Army internal communications helped to direct our ground crew to send the facilities where it was most needed.” RAAF Base Townsville’s AAFCANS opened its doors to visiting squadrons, extending trading hours during the exercise and trading on the weekend to increase access. “Planners should consider including the significant morale and welfare enhancing capabilities that AAFCANS is now able to deploy to the field to such bases as Tindal and Darwin for exercises like Pitch Black,” Air Force AAFCANS Board member AIRCDRE Ian Pearson said.

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AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is part of Defence, owned by the Army and Air Force and has been supporting our soldiers and airmen/airwomen since its inception in 1915.

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