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What We Do

Our purpose is to contribute to Defence capability

AAFCANS is a Commonwealth not-for-profit organisation within the Defence portfolio

The Army and Air Force Canteen Service is a Corporate Commonwealth entity formed to provide goods, facilities and services to or for members of the Defence community. AAFCANS directly operates food services and facilities on 27 Army and Air Forces bases and joint ADF facilities throughout Australia.

Part of Defence working to support ADF

Our facilities on base include, canteens, kiosks, mobile food vans, grocery convenience outlets, bistros, post offices and vending. Services covering dry cleaning, catering and post offices are also provided at various bases.

Additional services such as banks, barbers, hair dressers, specialty food outlets, dry cleaners, mechanical workshops, post offices, clothing retailers, photographers, florists and more are provided by specialist vendors at various bases through Licence to Trade Agreements.

We directly operate food services on 27 ADF Bases across Australia

We are a self-sustaining ‘not for profit’ statutory organisation administered under the Army and Air Force Canteen Regulation 2016 and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. The Commonwealth Government owns AAFCANS through the responsible Minister.

We are not contractors, but we are part of the Defence family portfolio. Which means monies spent at AAFCANS outlets and facilities stays within the Defence family. Profits are utilized to provide continuous innovation and improvement to facilities and services for our soldiers, airmen & airwomen.