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# RAAF News 9th December 2021. AAFCANS has rolled out a new purpose-built mobile amenities vehicles with tap-and-go coffee onboard. The vehicle delivers a new design concept for AAFCANS which will be included as part of the fleet for select bases. The vehicle joined the fleet at RAAF Base Amberley and passed the trial with flying colours. An additional new vehicle has been procured and is on its way to RAAF Base Edinburgh. “Six new vehicles are already working on Defence bases around the country with more scheduled for delivery in 2022-23,” AAFCANS Managing Director Tim Manic said. “The sleek new self-serve machine allows customers to select their favourite coffee with a single tap and delivers a quality freshly ground barista-style coffee in just a few minutes.” The single-axle light truck has easy-lift oversized access doors, which open to reveal its cargo of hot and cold fresh food, refreshments and now take-away coffee.

The latest AAFCANS amenities vehicle design now features ‘tap-and-go’ coffee on board. The new ‘Schaerer’ Swiss brand self-serve coffee machine allows customers to select their favourite hot drink with one tap from the touch screen menu. The offer is provisioned with Beraldo veteran-owned quality coffee beans – the same coffee served in AAFCANS outlets. The onboard grinders mill the beans on-the-go and the dedicated onboard refrigeration unit feeds fresh milk into the machine. The contemporary coffee kit provides a quality barista-style take away coffee ready-to-go in minutes and has been calibrated with filtered water. The vehicle has on-board storage, a hand wash basin and loads of generator power to ensure smooth operation and is ready to serve within a few minutes of arrival/stopping.

“I congratulate the AAFCANS team on their new vehicles. The significantly upgraded vehicles will provide a contemporary customer experience for our people, including fresh-brewed coffee on the go and enable a better level of service for those units located away from the main canteen and kiosks. GPCAPT Iain Carty, Senior ADF Officer (SADFO) RAAF Base Amberley.”

AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation that exists for the welfare of Defence members and has done so since 1915.

Image featuring AF members from MEOMS RAAF Amberley.

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AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is part of Defence, owned by the Army and Air Force and has been supporting our soldiers and airmen/airwomen since its inception in 1915.

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