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AAFCANS gives back to RAAF

In the 2019/2020 financial year AAFCANS contributed $545,185.59 to Army and Air Force welfare, made possible through its automated retail vending program.  The top three recipients were RAAF Wagga with an impressive $14,483, RAAF Darwin continues to punch above its weight with $12,792.98 and RAAF Amberley with $13,909.38 in disbursement returns.

In total 30 Defence welfare funds benefited from the profits generated by 290 AAFCANS branded vending machines, spread across 31 ADF bases. AAFCANS vending machines earns big rewards for their host bases and provides members with convenient 24/7 access to amenities.

AAFCANS works with the Defence base leadership and providor to tailor the product offering to suit the locality of the machine. A more healthier product range has been included for selection with protein snacks, healthy treats, healthy drinks, health, beauty, convenience products and fresh bean barista-style coffee.

“Social Clubs and RTF’s around the country have also benefited by leveraging AAFCANS supply chain. We have been providing ADF social clubs with access to our special pricing. The club representatives highly value this relationship and in particular the convenient on-base deliveries via AAFCANS canteens. Support offered to RTF’s has included consumables, grocery and all types of beverage products.” says Mr Tim Manic, Acting CEO for AAFCANS.

AAFCANS is a not for profit organisation that exists solely for the welfare of Defence members and has done so since 1915. Profits are channelled into upgrading canteen facilities, broadening amenities for our members and keeping services and prices competitive. AAFCANS mission is to contribute to Defence capability by enhancing personnel morale and wellbeing.

For more information contact AAFCANS HQ 07 33326356, visit AAFCANS website www.aafcans.gov.au/giving-back or speak with your local canteen manager. Read Article


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AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is part of Defence, owned by the Army and Air Force and has been supporting our soldiers and airmen/airwomen since its inception in 1915.

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