Delivery app pilot for Defence bases

RAAF Amberley Online Ordering

Technology-driven service delivery is a key aspect of AAFCANS 17-22 strategic plan.

As part of AAFCANS strategy ‘Where you go we go’ it has identified the opportunity for app-ordering to expand its amenities reach on Defence bases by including a food and retail delivery service direct to members.

“We are piloting our online ordering/delivery service, branded ‘AAFCANS On-Demand’ at RAAF Base Amberley,” AAFCANS acting CEO Tim Manic said.

The service would operate via the app and a web portal for desktop access. The pilot would be rolled out in two stages: first the online ordering, followed by the dine-in facility. Further Defence bases will benefit from the full online ordering suite in the new financial year.

AAFCANS recently launched its app-driven loyalty platform nationally. About 7000 customers were quick to join and take up the free welcome coffee. The new platform will facilitate the loyalty program, enabling a virtual wallet which gives members the ability to transact cash-free and card-free and includes member-only promotions, loyalty stamps, gift vouchers and more. Store trading hours, facility locations and other handy information are also at users’ fingertips.

The new platform has been specifically developed for AAFCANS with ADF as a primary focus.

It integrates directly with AAFCANS point-of-sale system, eliminating the need to use customer location data, allowing customers to benefit from AAFCANS national footprint.

AAFCANS invested $568,000 into IT infrastructure project, upgrading point of sale across the country, migrating servers to cloud infrastructure and strengthening network security to support the new service method. A further $84,000 has been invested in the app and e-commerce innovation.

RAAF Base Amberley’s Senior ADF Officer GPCAPT Iain Carty said “on a base the size of Amberley where our people deliver 24/7 operations across a wide range of capabilities, flexibility and adaptability is critical and AAFCANS have developed an app and service, that can better meet the contemporary needs of our people”.

The app/online ordering will provide click and collect and dine-in options allowing customers to order, pay and have their meal and drinks delivered direct to their table.

Delivery convenience is at a small additional cost and options will vary by base with a mixture of drop-off points and base addresses recognised by Google. This will benefit bases such as RAAF Base Tindal with its large ADF residential precinct having access to home deliveries in the future.

An AAFCANS app-driven catering portal is also in development. Read Article 


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