New mobile amenities for Army personnel

Army Amenities Vehicle

AAFCANS has designed and purpose-built a new mobile amenities vehicle, which was taken through its paces at Gallipoli Barracks before heading to Townville last month. The vehicle project delivered a new design concept for AAFCANS and has taken a lead role in the Lavarack Barracks mobile amenities fleet.

AAFCANS acting chief executive officer Tim Manic said this acquisition formed part of the AAFCANS $2.6 million strategic investment program that commenced in 2018. “It is projected the replacement and refreshment rollout will carry through to 2023 and impact our overall fleet,” Mr Manic said.

“The concept design during its live testing at Lavarack Barracks will be monitored by the AAFCANS operations, with the focus to evolve and future-proof the AAFCANS amenities fleet.” The single-axle light truck stands proudly at attention with its easy-lift oversized access doors opening to reveal the cargo of hot and cold food and refreshments. Commander 3 Bde Brig Kahill Fegan said AAFCANS provided unique and valuable support to soldiers and had done so for many years.“This new capability reflects their commitment to ensuring they can remain responsive and continue to provide services, practically,” Brig Fegan said.

AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation that exists solely for the welfare of Defence members and has done so since 1915. Profits are channelled into upgrading canteen facilities, broadening amenities for our members and keeping services and prices competitive.

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AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is part of Defence, owned by the Army and Air Force and has been supporting our soldiers and airmen/airwomen since its inception in 1915.

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