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#HANGAR 84 CAFE AT RAAF WAGGA WAGGA – The Wagga Wagga AAFCANS Bistro and Annexe Cafe were merged and moved into a new temporary facility. The new amenities home shares the space with Defence inside Hangar 84. The hangar’s iconic parquetry floors and industrial sheik structure makes for a welcome new home to the amenities facility and a fresh open space for members. Container facilities provided in back of house support the preparation and cooking facilities with coldrooms and freezer storage all close by.

Food displays and refrigeration, kitchen equipment and furniture were recycled from AAFCANS existing facilities on base and placed to create a sweeping counterline – to accelerate service. The new building has enabled AAFCANS to provide a relaxing booth lounge area, casual dining area and crowd pleasing food, beverage and retail offering for its base customers.

About Us

AAFCANS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is part of Defence, owned by the Army and Air Force and has been supporting our soldiers and airmen/airwomen since its inception in 1915.

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