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FLGOFF Elliott Lazarevski picks up a coffee from the Army and Air Force Canteen Service’s new mobile kiosk at RAAF Base Richmond.

Photo: CPL Casey Forster

FRESH barista-made coffee will soon be a reality for airmen in the field, with the Army and Air Force Canteen Service (AAFCANS) investing more than $2.5 million over five years in improvements to its mobile amenities.
Six of the mobile food vans operating across Air Force and Army bases will be replaced and a further nine vehicles, including custom-built all-terrain mobile kiosks and trailers, will join the fleet.

AAFCANS is also expanding its pop-up outlets and container kiosks. Personnel from RAAF Base Richmond were the first to test the new amenities vehicle before it was deployed.
They were pleased to learn Richmond would receive a new container kiosk for its flightline precinct. The refurbished kiosk is due to be commissioned in coming weeks. AAFCANS board member AIRCDRE Ian Pearson said the kiosk would bolster local services for military exercises.
“I’m sure the airmen will be pleased to find barista-made coffee available on the flightline and on exercise, along with much greater access to freshly-prepared meals and snacks,” he said. “Units not currently visited by the vans should discuss options with the local AAFCANS base manager.” The $2.5-plus million investment will take the vehicle fleet from 19 to 28 and accompanies the $8 million spent on upgrading canteens, increasing the convenience of kiosk locations and improving ICT capability. When not supporting exercises, the new mobile kiosks will be positioned on base to provide additional amenities.


RAAF NEWS 1st November 2018

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