Joining the vending program


Contributing to the wellbeing of our troops. AAFCANS is proud to be a not-for-profit organisation and member of the Australian Defence Force family. Our core aim is to serve this community as best as we can. As such, any additional funds we make go back to Defence and our customers through disbursements, price cuts and facility improvements.


  • Profits from local vending machines are received by each base’s SADFO in the form of a cheque (usually every quarter). SADFO disburses these funds in a way that best serves its local personnel.

  • In excess of 301 AAFCANS branded state-of-the-art vending machines are in operation across 36 ADF bases, earning vending monies for welfare funds.

  • Not only does AAFCANS vending program provide members with the latest popular convenience products it also helps to earn big dollars for the bases’ welfare funds. The vending machines offer out-of-hours convenience which is widely appreciated by the base communities that use them.

How it works


  • The vending contractor/AAFCANS keep a small provisioning percentage from the sales which keeps the program fully operational and then forward the returns to base welfare.

  • The bases where the vending sales are generated benefit directly from the vending profits and activities. The vending machines are coded and (most have internet capability), which provides stocking information and more importantly sales activity data by machine and by location.



  • At the moment the welfare monies are paid to the Base central Welfare Fund controlled by the Base SADFO and held for further disbursement. AAFCANS and Defence are currently in the process of creating the new AAFCANS/ Defence agreement to strengthen our partnership moving forward.  Part of this review will encompass how disbursements are managed distributed in the future

  • A list of bases/welfare funds receiving welfare payments can be found on the AAFCANS website. AAFCANS publishes welfare disbursements, transparently and as part of our Annual reporting process.

  • SADFO and the Base’s nominated welfare liaison officer receive a detailed statement showing where the funds have been generated on base. SADFO uses this information to assist in base disbursement to unit welfare and for welfare projects and activities that benefit their ADF members, Defence families, the Garrison or Air Base community.

  • Common uses for welfare monies are send-off gatherings for Defence families for members being deployed OS, Christmas ADF family gatherings, sponsorships for children’s playground facilities, sporting equipment sponsorships, unit welfare requests and sponsorships…

  • Units with a vested interest in the vending program apply to SADFO for access to welfare monies.

Selecting the Offer


  • We have a nationally contracted provider with state-of-the-art machines which include biometrics pay wave/tap n’ go payments.

  • We provide you with the largest selection of snacks, drinks and healthy choices you could ever want inside a vending machine! They will keep things fresh by adding new items when they become available, which keeps everyone’s taste buds satisfied.

  • You can now choose from a variety of juices, coconut water, and protein drinks. If you’re feeling peckish, we have tunas, cookies, microwavable meals and protein bars. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety that our suite can offer. We stock all major brands like Coke, Schweppes, Cadbury, Nestle, Red Rock Deli and many more.

About the Machines & Delivery


  • AAFCANS takes care of everything for you, the delivery, base pass access, installation and oversees the ongoing refilling and maintenance for you, It’s all part of the service.


  • The machines are fully maintained to ensure they are restocked and products kept fresh. The product ranging is checked periodically to ensure the machine is working its best for you, reducing wastage (which in effect can impact profits).
  • The vending machines require a 10amp GPO (normal power point).

  • The vending machines should be in a location that is protected from the elements of weather, direct sunlight etc.

  • To continue the provision the minimum usage of each vending machines is approx. $150 per week. We regularly review all vending machines performance, while also taking into account RTP. A site inspection from our vending business partner will be completed as part of the provisioning.

  • AAFCANS will not pass on any charges to you at all, ever!
    Delivery, installation…everything is covered. All we expect is sales generated from the machines so we can give back profits to your base. 

Vending Enquiry /Delivery Info Form

  • Please tell us your base name & location
  • Please type your welfare fund name and the point of contact
  • POC Contact phone
  • Please tell us the best time to speak with you and if need be provide a mobile and landline number.
  • Please choose the type of products you would like for your product offering.
  • Please tell us what you are looking for.
  • Tick the options that apply