Legacy Promo

Keep your cup - leave your Legacy!

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Two ways you can help our environment and raise money for Legacy!

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Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • The 20 cents incentive (donation to Legacy) is recorded each time a customer presents a reusable cup when purchasing a hot drink in-store at AAFCANS.
    Any type of hot drink cup suitable for our Barista is accepted.
  • The Army and Air Force branded insulated reusable cups (as advertised) are the only options available for the ‘Claim Your Cup Legacy’ promotion.
    No other reusable cups from AAFCANS range are included in the promotion.
  • A promotional cup may be returned to AAFCANS if it is faulty. AAFCANS will replace the cup with a new one or a comparable alternative in our range or provide a refund of the $5 paid.
  • The ‘Claim Your Cup’ single-use app voucher will be broadcast at the start of the promotion and will populate in your AAFCANS loyalty app vouchers section. It will be automatically removed if used, or if stocks of the promotional cups are no longer available or if the promotion has expired.

    New app customers who join during the promotion will receive a voucher (if the voucher terms are still valid). This may take a few days to populate after you have authenticated your membership.

  • The voucher is single-use only (which means one per account and valid for only one cup). You may purchase additional cups from our range in-store, the regular sell price applies.
  • The ‘Claim Your Cup’ promotion and voucher is not available to barcode keytag customers. The facility is only provided on the app platform.
  • Reusable cup stock may vary by base. Promotional stocks are available only whilst stock lasts.
  • The reusable cup ‘first-fill-free promotion’ applies to any reusable cups purchased at full price.
  • AAFCANS does not share your information with any third parties (which includes Legacy). Please see our privacy policy for further information on how we care for your personal details.