App Terms & Conditions




Your access to and use of AAFCANS app is subject exclusively to these Terms and Conditions. You will not use the AAFCANS app platform for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. By using the app and online ordering platform, you are fully accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained in this notice. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately stop using the platform. AAFCANS’ frequently asked questions (FAQ) forms part of these terms and conditions.  The FAQ provides customers with self-help support, details and solutions to terms referenced in our terms and conditions.

Access to the AAFCANS app, loyalty platform and online orders is available to select ADF bases. Some features may also be limited or not offered at your location.  AAFCANS reserves the right to change, alter or create additional terms, conditions, fees and charges where needed and without notice to manage the provisions offered within the app and within the online ordering facility.


Telecommunication services for some ADF bases can be limited or complex. AAFCANS does not take responsibility for any limitations of access or capacity to place an order via the app or online facility. Access to online ordering is available via a web link which can be accessed externally from the ‘app platform’ by visiting https://shop.aafcans.gov.au

Your user profile and any rewards, gift certificate credit or coupons are only available to you whilst you have the right to access an ADF base where AAFCANS has a Canteen facility. Please see our ‘FAQ’ for more information.


AAFCANS fully complies with the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Principles.
To get full advantage from the app platform and online ordering portal you must provide your name, contact phone number and e-mail. Please see our ‘FAQ’ for more detail on how this information is used in the app or ‘AAFCANS Privacy Policy’ for an overview.


* This symbol will be displayed to indicate this food option, product or promotion may be subject to special conditions. The special conditions will be promoted within the app or in the promotional material provided in-store or on AAFCANS website.


AAFCANS offers app users an online troubleshooting/FAQ; use this information to self-help or contact AAFCANS on app@aafcans.gov.au for support.


Transaction fee: A fee of 2% will be applied to all transactions made using the app or online orders portal.  This represents the recovery of the third-party payment gateway charges incurred by AAFCANS and includes Pick-Up, Delivery and Dine-In orders.

Standard Delivery Fee: A fee of $3.00 is applied for orders delivered on base unless otherwise stated. Fees may vary by base or by offering. Free delivery promotions may be in operation periodically on your base.

Puckapunyal Family Store Delivery
Delivery Fee: A fee of $5.00 is applied for family store orders delivered on Puckapunyal base. Free delivery promotions may be in operation periodically.


To place an order for Pick-Up, Delivery or Dine-in you must pay via the app or online portal. The payment gateway offers credit card (Mastercard, Visacard or debit card) or coupon options. No other payment methods are available in the app for online orders.

The ‘wallet’ feature provides additional payment options for in-store purchases; see the wallet information for further details.


To place an order for delivery you must choose the ‘delivery’ option at the start of the ordering process. AAFCANS can deliver to set delivery points on the base or nominated addresses on base. These options are displayed during the checkout process. More information about deliveries can be found in our ‘FAQ’. 


Choose the ‘Pick-Up’ option at the start of the ordering process. Alternatively, you can change to pick-up by changing the order method which appears in the toolbar top-right of the website page. A transaction fee applies to all orders: see ‘Fees and Charges’. AAFCANS ‘Pick-Up’ orders are only available during Canteen operational hours.


To place an order for delivery you must spend a minimum of $7.50 (which excludes alcohol products).  If you do not reach the minimum spend you will not be able to checkout and place an order. This applies to all delivery orders including those being processed with coupons as part payment. The minimum spend does not apply to pick-up orders or dine-in orders.

Puckapunyal Family Store
To place an order for delivery you must spend a minimum of $20 (excludes alcohol). AAFCANS offers door-to-door delivery for select areas on base, search the online store to view approved locations on base or download the delivery info from our website.


You cannot make changes to your order once it has been processed and payment made. The order is sent directly to our Canteen kitchen printer or to our team at the Puckapunyal Family Store for preparation. See our ‘FAQ’ for more information about orders, changes, cancellations, or substitutions.


(a) Goods not collected or delivered within the agreed time may spoil or be considered not-fit-for consumption under ‘food safety’ standards. If this occurs goods will be discarded, and no replacement or refund offered.

(b) Good not delivered on time due to no-one waiting for the collection will be returned to store for subsequent collection. Delivery charges applied to your order will not be refunded. Note:  Point (a) ‘food safety’, also applies.

(c) Goods delivered to an agreed drop-off point or ‘Google address locations on base’ are not permitted to be left ‘unattended’. You must meet the driver at the door or the delivery point within 2-3 minutes of the ‘designated time agreed’. The driver will call you if the delivery time has been operationally altered. Failing to greet the driver on time means the delivery run must continue and your goods will be returned to the store. The driver will not enter past the building threshold so please ensure you greet the driver to accept your delivery. Goods delivered may require ID for proof of age.

Note: Point (a) ‘food safety’, also applies.

More information about deliveries can be found in our ‘FAQ’

The sale of products such as alcohol must comply with local and federal law. You must be over 18 years to purchase and use/consume these products. You may be asked to show ‘ID’ upon pick-up or delivery of goods in these categories. Goods in these categories cannot be picked up or delivered to a third party. The ‘ID’ provided must match the customer placing the order.

  1. Tobacco products are not permitted to be purchased via our online ordering or delivery platform.
  2. Alcohol products cannot be delivered to LIA areas on base.


Store coupons can be offered for promotions and can be applied to a purchase of goods by you during the checkout process. They cannot be manually applied to your account after payment has been made. Please refer to the coupon promotional details for terms and expiry information.


The wallet feature offered inside the app platform is an area where you can load/deposit money into your virtual wallet. This can be used to purchase goods at any ‘participating AAFCANS’. The remaining balance is shown within the app. You can only purchase goods to the value of the balance. When funds have been used you will need to top up your ‘wallet’ to continue using this service. See FAQ for more details.


You must treat gift certificates and promotional gift vouchers like cash. If a gift certificate/voucher is lost or stolen; it cannot be replaced. Due to the type of technology required for processing, these vouchers can only be used at participating AAFCANS canteen outlets. Gift certificates and promotional gift vouchers are not transferable for cash nor exchanged for an alternative option.


These vouchers are purchased in-store or via the app and are used to purchase goods within AAFCANS canteen.

Exclusion note: Unfortunately, the online ordering portal is a separate gateway and therefore ‘gift certificates and promotional vouchers’ cannot be used as credit or as payment for online orders placed within the app portal or via the online ordering website.
A service fee will apply to the gift certificate purchase as it is using the payment gateway.


These vouchers are issued by AAFCANS. The voucher can be used to purchase food, beverage and retail products from AAFCANS canteen but excludes tobacco products, alcohol, fuel, dry cleaning and military retail gear.  


Special promotions may be offered to app or online ordering customers. Promotions that require you to activate, ‘redeem’ or ‘opt-in’ will appear in the ‘promo’s icon’ on the app home screen. Promotions made available online will be by way of entering a special code upon checkout or by choosing the promotional item and adding to cart. Some offers may be directly gifted to you and will appear in your ‘my vouchers’ and will not require you to opt-In to activate them.


Loyalty stamp cards are provided in the app only. ‘Barcode keytag customers’ also have access the loyalty stamp cards and do not need to ‘Opt-in’. The stamp card is triggered by the presentation of the keytag at the point of purchase and by purchasing the target products relating to the offer.

When you purchase goods that are listed within this stamp card promotion you will receive a stamp credit. This will show as a star on the stamp card. When you have reached the stamp card milestone you will receive a reward which will automatically appear in your ‘my vouchers’ icon and a new card will automatically be created.

Some stamp cards are promotional and are available within a set timeframe. If you do not reach the milestone within the timeframe the stamp card will be void and no reward will be issued.

Some stamp cards are promotional and are available within a set timeframe. If you do not reach the milestone within the timeframe the stamp card will be void and no reward will be issued.


  • A minimum of $50 spend is required for delivery.
  • Delivery Fee $15.
  • No minimum spend for Pick-Up in-store.
  • If you spend $100 or more the ‘delivery fee’ is waived.


Catering orders require a notice period of 48 hours. For timeframes less than 48 hours please contact your local AAFCANS to discuss. Order bookings can be placed up to 2 months in advance. All orders are subject to confirmation by AAFCANS. A team member will call you to confirm your event and details. Some products require a minimum of 7 days’ notice for ordering.


When you place an online catering order, a confirmation of this is sent via e-mail to you and your local AAFCANS canteen. The online generated value is provided as guidance only. Your local AAFCANS team will call and confirm details for your event which could impact the final value of the order. An in-store invoice will be generated requiring payment upon pick-up or payment on the day of your event via credit card. For customers that have a pre-existing catering account, the invoice sent to you is authorisation to bill your AAFCANS catering account.


Our standard catering terms and conditions apply to online catering orders. All catering orders placed online, in-store, by e-mail or by phone may incur a surcharge if cancelled. This surcharge (if applied) is to help recover losses incurred by AAFCANS for products ordered or prepared for your event that cannot be ‘reasonably utilised’ within our operations. Please speak with your local AAFCANS Store Manager for cancellation information.

  • PICK UP – Refers to orders picked up by you in-store at the canteen.
  • DELIVERY – Refers to orders where goods are delivered to a nominated address on base (within the confines of AAFCANS delivery options offered for that base), or an AAFCANS kiosk or other facility where you have agreed to pick up the goods.
  • DINE-IN – Refers to orders placed by you in-store via the app, paid for with the app platform and delivered to you in-store or to your table number.
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions.
    REASONABLY UTILISED – Refers to goods that can be used within the operations without loss to the operations.
  • ADF BASES – Australian Defence Force Bases where AAFCANS has a directly operated canteen store.
  • APP USERS – Customers using AAFCANS app.
  • DELIVERY – The delivery option offered by AAFCANS at your base.
  • ID – Identification that shows the person’s name and date of birth.
  • GOOGLE ADDRESS LOCATIONS ON BASE – Refers to any addresses on base that are accurately referenced on Google Maps (and within the confines of AAFCANS terms of delivery).
  • FOOD SAFETY – Standards AAFCANS applies to meet the minimum requirements for the safe storage and sale of cooked, chilled or prepared food and beverages.
  • UNATTENDED – Goods left at the door or left at a drop off point (not left with the purchaser).
  • DESIGNATED TIME AGREED – The time slot you agreed to upon at check out or the new time given by the store or driver.
  • PRIVACY POLICY – AAFCANS Privacy Policy Statement.
  • REFUND – Refers to the return of monies via the same payment method used to order.
  • MEMBERSHIP BARCODE KEYTAG – Refers to the keytag provided by AAFCANS to access the loyalty program and is designed for customers that cannot or do not wish to use the app platform.
  • USER PROFILE – Refers to your profile within the app platform. Your profile for the barcode keytag to access the loyalty program is managed by AAFCANS.
  • NOMINATED DROP-OFF POINTS – Refers to locations AAFCANS has approved for goods to be dropped off. This could be an AAFCANS outlet or a landmark on the base which AAFCANS and Base management have agreed as a meeting point for deliveries.
  • PARTICIPATING AAFCANS – Refers to an AAFCANS outlet that has the technology or products to fulfil the service.
  • WALLET – Refers to the feature within the app platform where customers can load funds and purchase goods with their loaded credit.