Services On Base

AAFCANS provides quick and convenient access to a range of services especially designed to

make your military life on base a little easier!

The directory list below focuses mostly on AAFCANS services and AAFCANS licenced agent’s services.

If you would like to suggest a service for your base or you would like access to a special product, then please get in touch with us – we’ll do our best to assist.
Contact our HQ on aafcans@aafcans.gov.au


Looking Your Best

Our hair specialists offer services for both men and women, they’ll do ‘their best’ to help keep ‘you looking your best’. Use the list below to make contact with our local base service.


Keeping Connected

Postal services and 24/7 click and collect parcels lockers are provided on various bases – helping to keep you connected.


Fresh and Formal

Dry-cleaning services are provided by our on-base licensee laundry specialists along with the many AAFCANS canteen outlets that also provide access to dry-cleaning. We’ll do our best to help you keep your uniforms looking fresh and formal!
Check the listing below for dry-cleaning services on your base.


Essential Services

Additional services covering banking, mechanical workshops, retail, adventure and military gear and other special services such as photography and laundry services are provided at various bases by our Licensee businesses.

Where you go we go!

We understand its not always practical to ‘down tools’, leave your work area to seek out much-needed sustenance. That’s why ‘where possible’ we aim to come to you!
AAFCANS strategy is to ‘follow our customer’ and ‘where you go, we go!’

Our fleet of mobile amenities vehicles work across a number of military bases and are packed with a range of onboard goodies. They visit strategic points around base (twice daily) with the menu options varying from morning to lunch. Listen for the horn, and our driver will greet you with hot meals and snacks, cold treats, fresh wraps, sandwiches, healthy snacks, cold drinks, energy drinks and more.

In 2018 we commenced a fleet investment program which will extend to 2023. We plan to invest $2.6 million into refreshment and improvements to mobile amenities capability on base and on exercise! The first few of the new style custom-built mobile amenities vehicles have hit the bitumen on Queensland bases and customers are thrilled with the new equipment. The newly built 4WD all-terrain design allows AAFCANS to retail freshly prepared meals, snacks and barista-made coffee on-the-move and is mobilized to support our troops on exercise.

Please contact your local AAFCANS Base Manager for more information about your local mobile van’s route… If you have visiting troops and need a little additional support, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

Providing you with services on base

AAFCANS delivers services through a variety of facilities including canteens, kiosks, coffee carts, a bistro and tavern, fuel stops, convenience stores and mobile amenities. In addition, we also provide a suite of vending options which include quick snacks, drinks, coffee and where possible heat and serve meals and personal products. The inclusions of food and personal products is targeting at improving access to out-of-hours amenities for our resident customer base.

Our canteen experiences are individual to each base and focus on the needs of the local members. We are always looking to improve access to services and facilities. Our recent canteen upgrades have included modern comfortable booth seating, usb-recharge stations, shade structures and outdoor dining areas, gaming and entertainment facilities, free Wi-Fi and Foxtel. We also provide parcel lockers, postal services, dry cleaning, catering, access to military gear and adventure wear and more.

Additional services covering banks, barbers, laundry services, mechanical workshops, postal services, military gear and more are provided at various bases through Licence to Trade agreements.

Your patronage and support for AAFCANS and on-base licensee businesses means we can grow the overall offering for you and your colleagues.

Our Services

The list below focuses mostly on AAFCANS and AAFCANS licenced agent’s. To assist you further we have also listed some additional services on your base that may be of interest to you. Some listings in this directory are not provided or managed by our organisation. We do our best to keep the content updated. Please feel welcome to e-mail us with information or changes required.