Highlights & Improvements

New Online Ordering facility – ADFA

In response to COVID-19 restrictions, AAFCANS worked with the campus command and launched its online ordering to support Cadets confined to base/campus. The offer went live on 16th August 2021 (4 days after the request) with click and collect food, retail, health and beauty and personal care items were added to the offer to provide ADF with access to necessary personal care items.

To further the e-commerce offer AAFCANS launched a click and collect coffee order trial In early September.

Delivery options were approved and added to the online offer in late September, AAFCANS provides a great range of food, retail and convenience products for delivery, some items are click and collect only.
3 COVID safe drop-off/meeting points were added to the online /app platform to provide cadets with access to on-campus deliveries.

Toothbrush, shave products, panadol, hot burger, healthy wrap, TV snacks… – pretty much, whatever the need we have got it covered and it’s online ready to order.

Highlights_ADFA Online
ADFA Online Ordering
ADFA Online
ADFA Online Ordering Portal
ADFA Online
ADFA Online Ordering Menu Offer Delivery
ADFA Online
ADFA Online Ordering Click & Collect Coffee Ordering

2 New Mobile Amenities Vehicles – With Lithium Battery Technology

AAFCANS new mobile amenities vehicle design with Lithium battery technology has a slightly larger service aperture – with easy-lift doors, built-in hot and cold cabinets, LED-lit refrigeration cabinets and perimeter lighting, iced drinks-well, retail shelves filled with quick snacks and powered point of sale equipment making it easier for customers to access a great range of refreshments on the go. It has onboard storage, hand wash basin for the team and customers and loads of other new additions. The lithium battery technology makes this amenities machine smooth to operate ready to serve!

The lithium technology, runs quiet, is fume-free and reduces noise as engines can be switched off for service stops. The batteries DC to DC charge on the go and are supported by a performance app so the driver can make the most of the stored power.

MFV Lithium
AAFCANS Lithium Battery Technology
MFV Lithium
AAFCANS Lithium Battery Technology
MFV Lithium
AAFCANS New Mobile Food Amenities Vehicle with Lithium Battery Technology
MFV Lithium
AAFCANS New Mobile Food Amenities Vehicle with Lithium Battery Technology
MFV Lithium
AAFCANS New Mobile Food Amenities Vehicle with Lithium Battery Technology

Support for Air Force AF100

In support of Air Force marking 100 years of service to Australia, The Army & Air Force Canteen Service (AAFCANS) helped celebrate the milestone with cake and coffee! On 31 March 2021, AAFCANS selected 100 uniformed members from Air Force Bases across Australia to help mark the centenary, gifting them a delicious commemoration Preistleys cake and hot Beraldo brew. AAFCANS have selected a range of official Air Force 100 memorabilia and keepsakes to feature in-store throughout the year at select AAFCANS locations across Australia. The full range of official merchandise is available online from the Air Force online shop facility.


AF100 20-2-21
AF100 20-2-21_2
Beraaldo Coffee
RAAF Williamtown

New Canteen Facility Swartz Barracks

The new state-of-art contemporary commercial precinct at Swartz Barracks makes Oakey shine like the jewel of Brisbane’s north. The Estate Works Project provided an infrastructure investment of $8m to design and construct the new precinct that will benefit the aviation base community well into the future.

The building design has a plethora of eye-popping features both inside and out and includes glass murals featuring the base map and an exterior aviator mural made using modern perforated screens. The AAFCANS canteen is the focal point of the commercial centre and opened its doors 8th February 2021 with a celebration cake, a shout of barista-made coffee and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The stylish interior offer members a comfortable, airconditioned space to enjoy a quick bite, a brew or gather and meet over lunch. The booth seating, soft furnishing, dining areas configure the room for friendly conversation and food consumption. The lounge area is equipped with a 55-inch smart TV, comfy soft leather lounges, coffee tables, card games, Qi fast-charger and USB connectivity for smart devices which means members can chill out whilst staying connected. The self-service checkout allows customers to jump the queue, grab a bite, scan, tap and go. The new facility has enabled AAFCANS to expand the overall menu offering and the covered common space, with its outdoor dining lounge area also provides convenient access to a well-stocked AAFCANS vending suite.


Interior of the Canteen with booth seats, dining tables and benches
Estate Works Project provided an infrastructure investment of $8m to design and construct the new precinct
New menu offer with cooked to order menu
Hot & cold grab & go units
New lounge are with smart TV, USB & wireless device chargers, games & magazines
The Bell Iroquois Helicopter painting was painted by a local artist ‘Lowing in 1990

New Veteran Owned Coffee Offer

AAFCANS has partnered with Australian Veteran-owned coffee supplier ‘Beraldo Coffee’ as the national preferred coffee provider. Their premium, unique blends are locally roasted here in Melbourne. The Beraldo family have a large roasting plant locate at Heidelberg a café and event space now located in Northcote where they first started the business and now distribute their prized premium brew across the AAFCANS network of coffee outlets on 26 ADF bases. Beraldo will also support AAFCANS with an ongoing program of professional Barista training for the local café team.

Beraldo Media Image

Historic Hangar serves up history with a brew

To help improve the proximity of amenities for ADF based at RAAF Wagga, the canteen operations were moved into the historic ‘Hangar 84’. The temporary facility was created by way of suspended partitioning walls with hospitality support services supplied in a series of containers located outside the hangar.

The ambience of the canteen is an important factor in helping members feel relaxed and refreshed. The addition of the historic imagery and murals was a masterstroke. We were delighted with the opportunity to assist SADFO and his team with the historic embellishment of the canteen facility.  In November 2020 AAFCANS worked closely with RAAF Wagga Aviation Heritage Centre and its energetic volunteers to provide an eye-popping display. The collection of images featuring:

  • 3M x 3M wall mural of the iconic Beaufighter planes linking to the origins of 31 SQN and
  • historic imagery of Hangar 84 which was built in 1940.
  • the iconic Wirraway
  • Vampire
  • PC9
  • Winjeel
  • Canberra bomber
  • Lancaster bomber
  • Boomerang
  • Macchi
  • F111
  • historical buildings on base
  • aerial shots of the base dating back to its construction
  • RAAF recruitment railway
  • Ken Warby engine tests with support from Air Force technical personnel
  • RAAF apprentice and aircraft engineers at work and many more.

The Heritage centre also added some historic props, such as a Macchi ejection seat, Nomad propeller on a stand and a replica of HMAS Wagga presented in a glass display case. AAFCANS also took the opportunity to soften the industrial environment by adding soft leather comfy couches, coffee tables, board games and some styling to make members feel welcome and relaxed. The new premium coffee and tea offer recently rolled out on base have been well-received.
The upgrade facility Investment cost $1,500

GPCAPT Chris Ellison, Senior ADF Officer RAAF Wagga & Mr Tim Manic AAFCANS Managing Director
Hangar 84 Cafe - Hangar 84 which was built in 1940
3M x 3M wall mural of the iconic Beaufighter planes linking to the origins of 31 SQN
Images of Wirraway, Vampire, PC9, Winjeel , Canberra bomber, Lancaster bomber, Boomerang, Macchi, F111, historical buildings on base, and many more
3M x 3M wall mural of the iconic Beaufighter planes

New Mobile Amenities Vehicle

AAFCANS designed and purpose-built a new mobile amenities vehicle. The vehicle project delivers a new design concept for AAFCANS. Before heading to Townville to take a lead role in the Lavarack Barracks mobile amenities fleet the vehicle was taken through its paces at Gallipoli Barracks and passed the trial with chequered flags.

The acquisition cost $XXXX and forms part of AAFCANS $2.6 million strategic investment program which commenced in 2018. It is projected the replacement and refreshment rollout will carry through to 2023 and impact our overall fleet. The concept design during its live testing at Lavarack Barracks will be monitored by the AAFCANS operations with the focus to evolve and future proof AAFCANS amenities fleet.

The internal fit-out features: modern LED trim and refrigeration lighting, best-on-market hot & cold display fridges, sectioned iced drinks well, stainless retail shelving & draws, fold-down stainless steel service bench, LED floodlights mounted on all sides of the vehicle, for perimeter night lighting, on-board hand wash station with hot & cold water, potable water and grey water holding tanks, heat-friendly menu board with changeable menu panels for today’s selection and its inspirational modern vinyl wrap branding will make the vehicle’s presence known to all on base.

Army Amenities Vehicle
This is a Defence Media photo - please do not use without authority
AAFCANS new concept mobile food van
AAFCANS new concept mobile food van

New Online Ordering Facility

The new app-driven online ordering facility was opened to benefit members based at RAAF Base Amberley in September 2020.
Customers can use their app or online portal to order and have their meal delivered to one of seven delivery points on base. A pre-order and click & collect facility is available and a dine-in options allowing customers to order, pay and have their meal and drinks delivered directly to their table is set to rollout in May 2021. Also, in development is AAFCANS app-driven catering portal which will be released in mid 2021.

Online ordering RAAF Amberley

New Loyalty APP – Online Ordering Facility

In June /July 2020, AAFCANS launched its app-driven loyalty platform nationally. The new app facilitates the loyalty program; a virtual wallet which gives members the ability to transact cash-free and card-free, and includes member-only promotions, loyalty stamps, gift vouchers and more. In unison with the app launch, AAFCANS also released a pilot online ordering/delivery service, branded ‘AAFCANS On-Demand’ at Gallipoli Barracks. This service will operate via the app and a web portal for desktop access. The pilot will operate at Gallipoli Barracks and be rolled out in three stages: first the loyalty platform, then online ordering, followed by the dine-in facility. A further six Defence bases will benefit from the full online ordering suite in 2020.

The app/online ordering will provide click & collect and dine-in options allowing customers to order, pay and have their meal and drinks delivered direct to their table. Delivery convenience is at a small additional cost and options will vary by base with a mixture of drop-off points and googlable base addresses. This will benefit bases such as Puckapunyal with its large ADF residential precinct having access to home deliveries in the very near future. Also, in-development is AAFCANS app-driven catering portal which will be released in early 2021.

$84k was invested byAAFCANS into the app, supporting equipment and e-commerce innovation.


Holsworthy New Coffee Lounge

In January 2020 the outdated, dysfunctional Holsworthy Cafe interior was fully replaced by AAFCANS to give customers a modern comfy space. The relaxed industrial style ambiance reclaimed timber features and designer lighting help to showcase the barista-made gourmet coffee, new premium tea range, cold-pressed juices, iced-teas and café food. Soft furnishings, casual home-style dining tables, high and low seating, board games, books and 65-inch big screen await guests eager for a chat whilst tending to their quick coffee fix or enjoying a snack and some precious me time.

The Canteen upgrade and installation of the new coffee lounge was a $188K investment for AAFCANS.

New coffee lounge inside AAFCANS
Reclaimed timber features and designer lighting
Casual and comfy dining that inspires gatherings
Recharge points with USB, GPO and Qi charge facilities
Soft comfy furnishings
Comfy social seating with industrial-inspired decor

Holsworthy Barracks – Canteen Upgrade

In January 2020, the tired Holsworthy Canteen decor was refreshed by AAFCANS. This facility has been a historic, reliable and well-utilised amenities area for the Barracks for many decades. The upgrade has given this old-workhorse fresh legs.  The dining area was reconfigured, de-cluttered and new or renovated fixtures, tables and chairs fill the space. The open plan gives a sweeping view of the cafe, food offering and the new coffee area which has a warm and welcoming appeal. New flooring was added throughout both areas, new hot and cold cabinets and the upgraded counters and displays add to the foodie-focused functionality of the canteen. Defence has further improved the facility with the addition of air-conditioning and the upgrade of some internal fixtures.



New flooring throughout
New hot & cold cabinets, service counterline and casual dining area
Customers can choose from two amenities areas
Improved open plan room layout

RAAF Williamtown New Canteen


AAFCANS and Defence have opened a brand new contemporary canteen facility at RAAF Williamtown. The light beech-wood trendy interior, floor to ceiling Eco glass, classy food display cabinets frame the casual open plan dining area. The comfy coffee booths have proven to be a popular cosy spot for a quick cuppa and the high bench seating with power outlets offers customers a recharge facility for their devices whilst enjoying lunch on-the-go.

The space channels customer flow into three precincts, a coffee/café area, a designated food service area and convenience retail area, all designed to accelerate service. The café offer has a selection of artisan bakery items, premium loose-leaf teas, designer teapots, dine-in or take away barista coffee and quick hot or cold café style snacks. AAFCANS dining menu takes full advantage of the modern well-equipped kitchen. It’s restaurant-style all-day menu offers, healthy made to order yummy breakfasts, hot snacks and plated gourmet café meals. The hot and cold cabinets are filled with a healthy quick grab and go options for customers to self-serve and the well-stocked convenience offering provides customers with a wide selection of retail products and military adventure gear.

This state-of-the-art in building is part of a base-wide Defence infrastructure project.